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Uncompromising Floor Design -  Caemento Polished Concrete Floors

Honest and true polished concrete

At Caemento we consider polished concrete as an honest material.
A genuine material. In its developed form  polished concrete
constitutes a source of meditation and contemplation. Press here
for polished concrete floor pictures

Through an exclusive and respectful processing and casting of the
raw concrete, we find the material's true story. Caemento evokes
the moment of perfection in an artistic process - and this moment
will be a part of the future.

Polished concrete will age along with other things. But when you
treat your concrete floor with care, it will survive for generations
in a world where an agenda dominated by impermanence and
obsolescence otherwise almost is a life mantra.

In a Caemento - genuine polished concrete floor, exposure on the
desired is sustained. We create floors with a basic material that
will hold into the next century. We respect the true concrete's
sincerity and and we cherish the beauty of the natural material
individuality and imperfection.

Like a bonsai enthusiast with tranquility, simplicity, harmony and
focus on meticulous care for its trees create controlled growth - as
follows Caemento is cultivating  the aesthetic aspects details when
we create your unique, polished concrete floor.
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