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Caemento Polished concrete Art & Skills

Ekstravagance & and high professional standard - hand in hand with a touch of rebellion

Concrete Artisan Yücel Karaman

Grinding Master and Artisan Yücel Karaman transform its polished
concrete floors, to raw concrete for genuine works of art - of daily
joy, inspiration and reflection.Expertise and technical refinement is
combined with a high level of competence in the unique and
powerful concrete creations.
Yücel Karaman is more than just a craftsman. As a passionate artisan,
Yücel nourishes a heartfelt respect for tradition and craftsmanship.
He has a dynamic approach to his profession and understand in a
brilliant floor design to find the delicate balance between
conventional machining of stone and the artistic origin. Press here -
for genuine polished concrete pictures
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By deciding on a polished concrete floor from Caemento you take an audacious choice. A vote of confidence to a true concrete artist and wish to confirm your own personality - without fear or compromise.

With a concrete floor created by a true artisan, you are implement new thinking in your residence or company.

Creativity reigns supreme in Yücel Karaman`s world of concrete. Every concrete floor from the artisans hand is certified with Caemento seal - the ultimate recognition of incomparable quality and a durable floor in a timeless and innovative design.

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